Calcium Chloride Flakes

Calcium Chloride Flakes

January Special’s Price:
Single 50lb Bag: $14.50
Pallet Price: $13.00 per bag (48/pallet)
Truck Load: Call for Pricing 


Calcium Chloride flakes have the ability to be used in many properties that make them exceptionally useful in snow melting applications. Because of their flat surface, they stick to the surface that they are applied to and immediately use the moisture in the air and on the surface to help melt ice and snow.


Calcium chloride flakes are used in the following applications:

• Raising water hardness
• Dust control on unpaved roads and parking lots
• May also be used as a deicer
• Industrial applications include concrete acceleration, tire weighting, brine refrigeration systems and wastewater treatment.


Pallet Weight: 2790
Pallet Quantity: 48


Offer Ends January 31st. 


For more information please contact:
Chris Wood –
Jeff Garrison –
Brian Schwingel –

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