February Special Anti-Hydro is in stock now!

“ANTI-HYDRO” is extensively recommended for integrally waterproofing concrete. It has been successfully used since 1904 in all types of structures to waterproof concrete and to improve its workability, strength, hardness, and durability. Installations include foundations, elevator pits, sewage and water treatment plants, seawall construction, tunnels, underground utility construction, slabs-on-grade, exposed exterior concrete, tanks, tilt-ups, countertops, pre-casts and pavements, etc.


Highlighted Product Benefits

Complete waterproofing protection for concrete, masonry, precast concrete, structural concrete, swimming pools, tanks, basements, chimneys, cement pargeting, patching & underground utility work.


Cold Weather Protection
Keeps concrete & mortar from freezing, sets quickly


High Strength
Dramatically increases strength


Hardening & Densifying
Over 30% harder and denser 


Water Vapor Control
Reduces All Vapor Transmission up to 85%


Improved Bonding
Bonds new concrete – the bond is stronger than the concrete itself


Increased Abrasion Resistance
Resists scratches, gouges and wear due to increased hardness


February Special:

1 Gallon $18.00

5 Gallon $75.00


For more information please contact:
Chris Wood – chris@corebuildingmaterials.com


Jeff Garrison – jeff@corebuildingmaterials.com 


Brian Schwingel – brian@corebuildingmaterials.com


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