Do you deliver?

Yes. Deliveries are during our business hours, from 7am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Schedule your delivery a few days ahead to ensure best service.  Ensure the driveway is clear for a delivery truck.  Clear an area for placement of materials.  Be mindful of barriers that might interfere with deliveries at your construction site, for example, the location of septic tanks, drainage tile, utility wires, etc.


Is there a charge for delivery?

Yes.  Distance and order size are the primary factors in determining delivery charges.


Do you offer COD’s?

Yes, however, drivers do not carry change (so if paying with cash please have exact change) and materials will not be unloaded until the driver has been paid.  Please arrange payment prior to your delivery.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, local checks and COD.  We also offer in-house charge accounts to contractors who submit a credit application once approved.  Credit applications can be downloaded from this site and faxed or mailed.


Will the driver place materials where I want them?

Our drivers will attempt to place their vehicles as close as possible to the unloading point.  However, job site conditions may impede the placement of our delivery.  Items that might be damaged by inclement weather will be covered on the truck.  For safety reasons, we do not carry goods up or down stairs, or place materials throughout a job site structure.


What if there is a problem with the quantity or the materials delivered.

Every effort is made to ensure your shipment is accurate and of high quailty.  Any claims of delivery discrepancies must be communicated to customer service within 24 hours of receiving  your delivery.


Do I have to be a professional to buy supplies?

No.  We are open to the public and our experienced staff will gladly help you.