A complete line of access doors, roof hatches and floor traps, conceived by a team of engineers in order to best respond to the strict demands of North American norms.



Elmdor/Stoneman Mfg

Elmdor/Stoneman Manufacturing manufactures an extensive line of access doors and roof flashing assemblies. Elmdor/Stoneman is known throughout the building industry as having the widest variety of standard access doors of any manufacturer. Our nationwide distribution network plus strategically located warehouses allow us to effectively satisfy our customers’ requirements.



Karp Associates

Karp’s Robotics Department boasts of three robotic systems called “cells”. Each “cell” produces doors at a rate of 400 to 500 percent faster than humans. Indeed, over 75 percent of all Karp doors are produced in Karp’s Robotics Department. For Karp dealers this means customers get the best quality door with the quickest availability. It also provides Karp with the ability to maintain a complete stock at all times of almost every door available. And if out of stock, doors can be produced and shipped within 72 hours.