Metal Lathe

Clark Dietrich Industries

Clark-Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries Company, is the leading manufacturer of light-gauge framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential construction. They offer the largest selection of light-gauge framing and finishing products including drywall and structural framing, floor joists, roof trusses, metal lath, fire-rated assemblies, numerous deflection systems and an extensive line of metal, vinyl, veneer, paper-faced, plaster and stucco beads and trims.



Marino Ware

Marino\WARE offers the best in new product development and support. The FrameRite Building Systems is a group of innovative engineered products designed for time and cost savings. With the introduction of FrameRite in 2004 Marino\WARE launched JoistRite, an engineered “trade friendly” open web C joist with large openings able to outperform competitive products, TrussRite, an engineered lightweight steel truss system and the next generation of StudRite, an engineered “trade friendly” open web C stud. These are all systems and contain engineered accessories to save the contractors valuable labor costs.