Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces

At Core Building Materials we want to provide our customers with everything they need to finish off their outdoor area. We have multiple vendors providing our customers with a wide variety of options for outdoor lighting. Whether it be under lighting on retaining wall block, accent lights in a garden or even overhead lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Our vendors:

FOCUS Industries

FOCUS Industries provides 4 different LED solutions. The lighting solutions include Retrofit, Module, Flat panel, or strip lighting. They also provide customers with energy saving solutions that are unmatched. Their well lighting are able to reach the tallest tree tops and architecture. Their underwater lighting can bring your waterscape to the next level with different colors and beams to make it as unique as you would like! FOCUS Industries hardscape and specialty surface lighting illuminates your families gathering places and outdoor kitchens with lights that have long life spans and low energy costs giving you safety, security and beautification, all night long.

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TRU-Scapes LED Landscape Lighting

At TRU-Scapes their mission is “to provide a quality, affordable, simple product line with dedicated service to the outdoor living industry.” With that said the provide lighting for all areas of your outdoor space. They have many different options for path lights,accent lights, well lights, hardscape lights and all the accessories necessary to install and accompany your lighting solutions.

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Integral Professional Hardscape Lighting Solutions

Integral lighting solutions are a combination of clean designs, easy installation, and non-corrosive components ensuring your lights last the lifetime of your hardscapes. Their new pavelux paver lighting is the next generation of paver lighting with a maintenance free, minimalist design that requires little to no cutting or drilling. They have 13 individual models with many options, more than 100 durable finishes to match any hardscape, and 4 different LED color outputs allowing for a fully custom lighting solution for your hardscapes design.

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