Top Outdoor Living Trends 2018

Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces

At Core Building Materials we want to provide our customers with everything they need to finish off their outdoor area. We have multiple vendors providing our customers with a wide variety of options for outdoor lighting. Whether it be under lighting on retaining wall block, accent lights in a garden or even overhead lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Our vendors:

FOCUS Industries

FOCUS Industries provides 4 different LED solutions. The lighting solutions include Retrofit, Module, Flat panel, or strip lighting. They also provide customers with energy saving solutions that are unmatched. Their well lighting are able to reach the tallest tree tops and architecture. Their underwater lighting can bring your waterscape to the next level with different colors and beams to make it as unique as you would like! FOCUS Industries hardscape and specialty surface lighting illuminates your families gathering places and outdoor kitchens with lights that have long life spans and low energy costs giving you safety, security and beautification, all night long.

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TRU-Scapes LED Landscape Lighting

At TRU-Scapes their mission is “to provide a quality, affordable, simple product line with dedicated service to the outdoor living industry.” With that said the provide lighting for all areas of your outdoor space. They have many different options for path lights,accent lights, well lights, hardscape lights and all the accessories necessary to install and accompany your lighting solutions.

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Integral Professional Hardscape Lighting Solutions

Integral lighting solutions are a combination of clean designs, easy installation, and non-corrosive components ensuring your lights last the lifetime of your hardscapes. Their new pavelux paver lighting is the next generation of paver lighting with a maintenance free, minimalist design that requires little to no cutting or drilling. They have 13 individual models with many options, more than 100 durable finishes to match any hardscape, and 4 different LED color outputs allowing for a fully custom lighting solution for your hardscapes design.

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Summertime Hardscape Spaces That Bring the Family Together

Outdoor Kitchen

Supplier: Summerset Professional Grills


Products: Built-in Grills, Freestanding Grills, side burners, refrigerators, bars and sinks, access doors, storage drawers, BBQ islands


Core Building Materials is excited to announce our new product line, Summerset Professional Grills. Summerset is a leader in industry with expertise in manufacturing and branding. Their three main focuses are exceptional build quality, amazing value and personal service. These are all things that are in line with Core Building Materials core beliefs. This line is perfect for the growing trend in outdoor kitchen areas. When you choose to implement a Summerset Grill in to your new backyard kitchen area, you cannot go wrong with summerset grills.


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Supplier: Warming Trends


Products: Brass fire-pit burners


At Core Building Materials we can provide you with the right accessories to upgrade your backyard from average to extraordinary. Implementing a Warming Trends cutting edge brass burner allows you to turn your backyard in to an actual living space. The CrossFire brass burner produces a “taller, brighter, fuller flame” with its cutting edge technology. The patent-pending technology gas burning technology resembles a natural, wood burning fire. Since the product is made out of brass, it is resistant to corrosion and will not rust, back by a lifetime warranty on all the brass products.


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Outdoor Space Heaters

Suppliers: Infratech Comfort, Bromic Heating


Products: Portable heating solutions, electric heating solutions, gas heating solutions


Whether you are a business with a patio or a homeowner with a backyard you love, extend its use with an outdoor heating system from Core Building Materials. We offer two different lines of heating options so were sure to have a product that fits your needs whether it be residential or commercial. For business owners, you can continue to capitalize on sales deeper in to the fall months. Outdoor heating systems also allow homeowners to take those cold fall nights and turn them in to some of the most enjoyable times outdoors. Stop in and see how we can help heat up your outdoor space today!


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Product of the Month – Caraustar Commercial Concrete Tubes

For the most demanding column forming applications Caraustar has you covered. With rain resistance technology, Caraustar Commercial concrete forms can withstand up to 72 hours of exposure to moisture.


The proprietary outside ply of the Caraustar Commercial forms makes them perfect for distributors, concrete sub-contractors and general contractors with demanding commercial grade applications, and delivers a more functional, versatile and economical alternative to steel and fiberglass forms. They offer improved strength and tear resistance. Caraustar Commercial forms can also withstand full liquid head pressures up to 20 feet.


For all of the specs on this product, including uses, click here. 



Our Sizes We Carry

10″ TUBE 12′ high  

12″ TUBE 12′ high  

16″ TUBE 12′ high  

18″ TUBE 12′  high. 

24″ TUBE 12′ high. 

30″ TUBE 12′ high

36″ TUBE 12′  high. 

12″ TUBE 4′  high. 

48″ TUBE 12′ high 

6″ TUBE 12′  high

8″ TUBE 12′ high 


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Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Temporary Floor Protection

Heavy-duty Water Resistant Temporary Floor Protection

– Water shield technology
– Repels water, mud, paint and more
– Lays flat and fast
– 100% recyclable
– Re-usable
– Vapor permeable, allows proper curing of new floors
– One roll equivalent to ten sheets of masonite
– Construction board protects

– Wood
– Tile
– Concrete
– Marble
– Terrazzo
– Stone
– Epoxy




Area  317 ft.

Dimensions 38 in. x 100 ft.

Weight  42 lb.

Thickness 42 Mil


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February Special Anti-Hydro is in stock now!

“ANTI-HYDRO” is extensively recommended for integrally waterproofing concrete. It has been successfully used since 1904 in all types of structures to waterproof concrete and to improve its workability, strength, hardness, and durability. Installations include foundations, elevator pits, sewage and water treatment plants, seawall construction, tunnels, underground utility construction, slabs-on-grade, exposed exterior concrete, tanks, tilt-ups, countertops, pre-casts and pavements, etc.


Highlighted Product Benefits

Complete waterproofing protection for concrete, masonry, precast concrete, structural concrete, swimming pools, tanks, basements, chimneys, cement pargeting, patching & underground utility work.


Cold Weather Protection
Keeps concrete & mortar from freezing, sets quickly


High Strength
Dramatically increases strength


Hardening & Densifying
Over 30% harder and denser 


Water Vapor Control
Reduces All Vapor Transmission up to 85%


Improved Bonding
Bonds new concrete – the bond is stronger than the concrete itself


Increased Abrasion Resistance
Resists scratches, gouges and wear due to increased hardness


February Special:

1 Gallon $18.00

5 Gallon $75.00


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Calcium Chloride Flakes

Calcium Chloride Flakes

January Special’s Price:
Single 50lb Bag: $14.50
Pallet Price: $13.00 per bag (48/pallet)
Truck Load: Call for Pricing 


Calcium Chloride flakes have the ability to be used in many properties that make them exceptionally useful in snow melting applications. Because of their flat surface, they stick to the surface that they are applied to and immediately use the moisture in the air and on the surface to help melt ice and snow.


Calcium chloride flakes are used in the following applications:

• Raising water hardness
• Dust control on unpaved roads and parking lots
• May also be used as a deicer
• Industrial applications include concrete acceleration, tire weighting, brine refrigeration systems and wastewater treatment.


Pallet Weight: 2790
Pallet Quantity: 48


Offer Ends January 31st. 


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Curing Blankets

Grip Rite Curing Blankets

Product Features:

Grip-Rite concrete curing blankets provide proven job site performance in maintaining heat of hydration, particularly during the critical early stages of concrete curing.


Grip-Rite is the only blanket on the market with a low 0.87 Perm rating, providing superior vapor block during curing.


Foam blankets: Z-folded and packed 2 per bale.


Blankets are 6’x25′


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American Rock Salt


American Rock Salt

January Special’s Price:
Single 50lb Bag: $6.25
Pallet Price: $5.25 per bag (49/pallet)
Truck Load: Call for Pricing 


Packaged Rock Salt

American Rock Salt Halite is available in 50 lb. bags. It is fast acting and has superior melting power. American Rock Salt Halite begins melting ice quickly and keeps melting it for an extended period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals. The smallest crystals dissolve quickly while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of rock salt needed to get the job done.


American Rock Salt is easy to apply. It may be safely used on most surfaces ranging from blacktop, wood, stone, and gravel to properly cured air-entrained concrete.


Offer Ends January 31st. 


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